Private wealth management

“Generation leap, wherein I include my grandchildren by way of my testament, was something I had not heard of until I went to C&V Family Office for counsel. I am very satisfied with the assistance in preparing my will. It is a simple solution that I understand well and that I feel good about. Both aspects are very important to me. Thérèse.”

“I was pleasantly surprised that a "family” office actually had the "family" and personal aspects of succession planning as a starting point. Especially the family interests and feelings have been thoroughly discussed and analysed before a fiscal solution was worked out. It eventually is about family, where certainly not everything has to be viewed from a pure business perspective. Walter.”

“I have been married twice and I wish to include my new partner’s children in my heritage too. Pending the approval of my application for stepchild-adoption I have already drawn up a fitting testament. The advisors at C&V Family Office were very clear and discrete in their approach, moreover they gave me the courage to discuss this all with my own children...and that turned out very well. Thanks. Fernand.”

“My wife Mia and I have two sons, Rik and Bart. Rik is severely handicapped and resides in an institution during the week. The people at C&V Family Office listened to our story with patience and compassion to come up with an efficient and clear way to better structure and optimise our financial affairs. This is how we were able to realise a well thought-out succession planning in the interest of Rik and the rest of the family. René.”

Medium-sized family Businesses

“We have worked hard our whole lives and earned our living well as entrepreneurs. C&V expertly guided us through the restructuring of our companies; after that they also streamlined our personal assets. To the point, no nonsense, very professional. An own style we really appreciated. Thank you. Maria & Jos”

“Following the advice of an independent interest group, we, as entrepreneurs, contacted C&V Family Office; since then they are part of our SME Advisory Board. How to handle succession issues in family businesses & implementation Corporate Governance are some of the things that they have taught us. Clear agreed fees; no unpleasant surprises at this office, on the contrary.”

“Our accountant had introduced C&V to us when we wanted to do a takeover. They have successfully conducted all the bank negotiations for us; they even set up a private placement and placed it with investors; we are considering to ask C&V as an independent director.”

“We had assembled a fairly large real estate patrimony over the years with about ten businesses; we could no longer see the wood for the trees; fortunately C&V was able to considerably reduce this struggle. Thanks again. Both for our business and family matters we still ask for the C&V boys’ advice first. A very good reputation.”

“Our family has had three private bankers for years now; since 2008 our investment portfolio dropped dramatically; we ended up at C&V via via; they took matters into their own hands & were able to settle a few things with our bankers; since that day they trail our portfolios with us and steer us in the right direction when needed; competent, objective, top. The bankers feel good about it too.”

“For over 80 years our family had been active as construction contractors; 3 generations and 4 branches of our large family was in our hands; the mutual understanding was about to break and some of us were intending to leave the company; thanks to C&V’s family business mediation we enjoy working in "our" company again. C&V has saved us a lot of money and time doing this and all that ..... without any intervention from the court. Thank you.”

“Our company had acquired another competitor without thinking about how to take on this M&A process. C&V has helped us with this in a very competent way and put us in contact with other professionals such as lawyers, bankers and investors. Moreover, it appeared that the entire export structure of the company had to be reconsidered; for this C&V has brought an exceptionally experienced and passionate interim manager into our company. Value for money.”