Welcome to C&V Family Office

Are you looking for an independent advisor with whom you can discuss everything and ask even more to? Someone who listens and talks in plain language?

Are you looking for a sparring partner for the future of your capital?

Are you looking for a no nonsense approach to put your business on the right path for the future?

C&V Family Office is an independent wealth manager known as a house of confidence and integrity. Together we offer more than 50 years of experience that we share with our clients on a daily basis.

We offer you financial and fiscal counsel with a capital letter.

We give you experienced and equitable advice, which assures you of the best strategy.

We especially want to offer you time, time to focus on your plans for the future and time for...a piece of mind !

We are honoured to welcome you to our second office in Turnhout since the 1st of December 2011.

To be clear: we do not sell any financial or insurance products. We give advice. And that is a big difference in approach and...results.

Welcome to C&V Family Office!