You and Your Legacy

Estate planning during Life : Optimise your legacy

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We give you all the information about how you can put your own capital to safety and how you can optimise your legacy. Or in other words, how to best avoid the inheritance taxes or keep them minimised. But also to whom and how much you can bequeath to them, the drafting of the testament, etc.

  • Hand-to-hand gift, donations, tontine, marriage contract
  • Testament
  • Installation control vehicles: citizen partnership, foundations, trusts, SPF, SIF, ...
  • Life insurance
  • Provisional leadership, fidei commis
  • Succession Planning in extremis

Estate planning after Death : What to do with an inheritance

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With death we give clients advice on what to do if there is an inheritance.

  • Declaration legacy & calculation inheritance taxes
  • Mediation & Legal following of inheritance
  • What should you organise for a funeral?